Sonia Jones the Artist | About
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I am Sonia Jones, a self-taught mixed media artist.

My home studio is currently based in the Washingon DC Metropolitan area, but my forever home will always be the Oakland Bay Area. My art is the output of my contemplation of the question, “Who Am I?”. I took on the task of exploring my West African ancestral roots, and I slowly became a student of its anthropology and became fascinated with its rich culture. The portraits I create aim to explore black identity across the diaspora and widen the viewer’s experience of Africa and its beautiful people. I take inspiration from my ancestral West African roots and try to connect it to my Black American heritage and culture. The canvas is my playground, and with the help of various fabrics and paints, I’m able to tell the story of my people.

I invite you to explore my work, and I hope it makes you see the beauty in people and life’s everyday moments.